Inalienable truths

These are just a few of the things I have learned since I started watching my food intake.

1.  There are no shortcuts in life.

Have you ever noticed when you have that insatiable sweet craving and nothing seems to help?  Here you are trying to be healthy and all you can think about is a sugary soda or a chocolate bar.  So sticking with your resolve to eat healthier you decide to eat some fruit, it still doesn’t help.  So you decide to get one of those sugar-free low-calorie drinks and hopefully that works for you.  But if you are like me that awful sweet tooth is still there begging to be satisfied.  So personally when my sweet tooth comes begging I fed it.  I have discover that if I just give it small bit sized chocolate or a sugary coke I don’t tend to eat as much as when I am trying to trick it.  Your body craves things for a reason listen to what it is telling you.  After eating healthier you will honestly start craving healthier food items.

2.  Organic does not mean healthy

Organic food is food raised under strict guidelines, the most well-known is no hormones or antibiotics.  Organic red meat is going to have the same bad nutrition as the cheap red meat.  If you are watching your cholesterol organic eggs or cattle is still going to be bad for you.  So the next time you pick up something at your local grocer that is organic take the time to read the label.  I have noticed at times if you look at one product that is labeled organic and a similar one that is not organic sometimes the non-organic food is better for you (lower calories, cholesterol, fat or sodium).

3.  Be a label reader

Recently I have started paying more attention to nutritional labels.  I have also noticed people giving me strange looks.  I already know what they are thinking, “Oh yeah like she even needs to watch what she eats.”  But in reality we all need to watch what we are eating.  My goal is to keep myself and my family healthy.  So if that means enduring the strange and belittling looks I will.  The first thing I check on every label is cholesterol.  My fiance’ has a cholesterol of 276 which is very high.  The majority of his problem is genetics and his hypothyriodism, but I don’t want exacerbate the issue.  Secondly I check the protein content.  It is no secret the more protein the fuller you feel.  Then I look at sodium, especially if it is pre-packaged lunch.  Sometimes they will give you more than half your daily recommended in one small meal.  Then I check fiber, sugars, fat and calories.  Always remember when comparing products check the serving size.

To be continued…


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