Blackbean and Quinoa patties

A new habit in our house is to eat meat less than half of our meals. We generally have meat at supper only three or four times a week. Saturday lunch we decided to try a recipe from Whole Living Magazine. I have posted the link below.

 I made a few changes. I cooked two cups of dried quinoa which yielded about two and a half cups when cooked. I substituted black beans for red kidney beans and mashed them into a paste as directed. I used chives and dried parsley flakes and added about a tablespoon of chopped garlic. Since I am not a huge fan of feta cheese, unless it is on a Greek salad, I replaced it with shredded provolone. Added the egg whites.

 I heated my griddle up to a medium heat and sprayed it with Smart Balance cooking spray and made the patties. The texture was almost worse than ground chicken, but it looked great. I am a bit impatient and didn’t refrigerate for 30 mins, after all I was on a deadline, places to be people to see! So my patties fell apart a bit. I think that could have been remedied with one more egg white or two whole eggs or perhaps I did not add enough cheese. But the finished patty topped with a small slice of provolone was delicious. We smeared stone ground mustard over the top of it. It will definitely become one of our go to choices.

 My suggestions for improvement is adding one whole egg and maybe a bit of curry seasoning or one of your favorites.


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