Time for a makeover

I have spent the majority of the day combing through back issues of magazines, looking for recipes.  The original plan was to cut them out and discard the magazine, but as I started going through them I realized I would like to revisit some of the articles.  So I opened up OneNote and started retyping the recipes.  I have found several that I would love to try.  I even started writing down other DIY recipes, like lip balm, burn remedies and herb bouquets for the bathroom. 

It has been loads of fun, but I am doing this for a reason.  It is time for a kitchen makeover.  Not the typical makeover of replacing the appliances and cabinets, but the actual contents of them.  If we are actually going to commit to this healthier lifestyle we need to change the contents of our cabinets.  I have been writing down the recipes in hopes to find some common ingredients so we can develop a list of new staples.  We already keep quinoa, red pepper paste, soy sauce, curry mixes, and rice in the house at all times, now to find out what else we will need to make the healthier meals.


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