Day 4

Day four of my thirty da challenge I might have cheated.  Directly after work a co-worker and I went to a local park and walked.  We did three laps around this surprisingly hilly road.  The best part was we walked at a good enough pace we actually worked up a sweat.  Today my glutes, shins and hips are a bit sore, but otherwise I feel great.

When I got home after 6:30pm it was time to make dinner (Curry!).  After dinner I decided I would go ahead and do my Yoga practice, but an extremely short one since I had already walked.  I ended up doing a 10 minute meditation session and an 8 minute yoga class.

Even though I didn’t get alot of poses in I did get the great feel from the meditation.  So on the days after I over do it, because I know I will, I will do a gentle stretch and meditation.


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