Week 2

Oh the disastrous week, my yoga practice seriously suffered last week.  There were numerous issues with last week, not that any of the excuses are a valid reason for how poorly my commitment went.  To start with I was working an extra hour a day through the week so I could have a half day on Friday.  In theory it sounded great, I mean after all it was just an hour.  I was going in a half hour earlier and shortening my lunch by a half hour (which is why this blog didn’t get updated).  I had no idea how much damage the extra hour was going to do, it threw off my sleep schedule, made my hour-long relaxing lunch not so relaxing, but rushed and it threw my evenings off.  I never realized how important my lunch hour was to my overall relaxation during the day.  I take the time during my lunch to update my blogs and enjoy nature.  Last week was also ridiculously hot.  We had temperatures over 100* it was insane.  With the weather so unbearable my co-worker and I cancelled our walking day since it was supposed to be 106* out, not including the heat index.  My half day on Friday started out great, then we got a much-needed storm and the power was knocked out for a couple of hours.  Saturday we took a trip to Ohio and picked up our new pet and his sister.

I realized none of that is valid excuse for my slacking yoga practice.  I did manage to get in three practices last week.

Monday – I did a 45 minute moderate level practice that left me wishing I had completed a different video.  This one while it started out balanced and good ended not as balanced and leaving me with a slight lower backache.  The practice need more forward bends  to counter the cobra posses.

Wednesday – I did a short moderate practice by one of my favorite instructors on the site, Clara Robert-Oss.

Thursday – I did an extremely short practice that I wished I would have done a longer one. 

The only good thing for the week is I still managed to keep eating healthy!

So the goal for this week it to get back to the daily practice and do an additional measurements and compare to the before stats!


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  1. The Yoga Experiment
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 08:25:24

    Hi Flowers 🙂 If a practice session feels as if it’s missing something for you, you could always add it in yourself (e.g. if your body feels that it needs a forward bend, then add one)? I always use my body as a guide for what I need. Often I don’t have a plan but just do what feels right at the time. good luck with your yoga challenge!


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