Let’s try this again

Sometimes even the best laid out plans fall through.  It has been a full week since I have unrolled my yoga mat.  I had posted earlier that week two was a disaster m, well that disaster is rolling right into week three!  It has completely amazed me how much what appeared to be such a minor change in my schedule has made.  Changing my sleep habits for a week just to get a lousy 3 hours “off” on a Friday hardly seemed worth it.  Reminder to me the next time my half day rolls around, I should give it up or burn a vacation day, because the lasting effects for such a little pay out are not worth it.

Sometimes its best to just admit defeat.  I have been defeated!  But I refuse to give up.  I am starting my 30 day yoga challenge over.  I started this challenge as a way yo make me accountable for my workout schedule assuming that if I blog about what I am doing I would be more likely to stick to it and it was working well.  At the end of my challenge I intend to stick with it, but possible add some extra weightlifting or aerobics  So today I am starting round two of the Yoga Challenge!


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