Feeling a bit under the weather

The last week or so I have been feeling just a little off, both physically and mentally.  I had noticed being worn down after I had my “half day” a couple of weeks ago and I just hadn’t been able to recuperate.  I was trying to decide if it was because of lack of sleep, allergies, stress or some other health issue.

Last week was my busy week at work with all the departmental statistics being due.  It wouldn’t be a big deal since I enjoy the work, but I have some sort of repetitive injury in my right shoulder.  The back and forth computer mouse movement aggravates it.  Some months it goes by with very little notice.  This month on the other hand it was awful and actually still hurts.  I am seriously thinking it might be time to go get that MRI my doctor suggested I get late last year, as he thinks I have bursitis.  I have been through physical therapy on the same condition a few years ago with no avail for pain relief.  I put off doing the MRI hoping that if I was a bit more physically active it would fix itself.  Again with no luck.  So the plan for the week is to make that appointment anyway it is time for that yearly checkup anyway.

Yesterday to combat my crazy exhaustion I decided after work I would take a small nap before supper.  Well the small nap turned into a two-hour nap.  Luckily my fiance decided to make supper.  It was delicious.  He took the left over turkey burgers we had made on Saturday and put them in a spinach wrap, along with tomatoes, shredded cheese and quinoa. 

About an hour after supper I decided that I was going to do my yoga practice.  It had been a week and I was starting to wonder if all my odd aches and pains were from feel compressed.  I did a twenty-minute active flow routine instructed by Sura.  It was an “all levels” video, but it was a great workout.  Last night it made my shoulder feel a little better, but it has reverted back today and my abs / core got a great workout.  She has a move in the routine that engages all your abdominal muscles.  You start in downward facing dog do a side rotation move into plank pose.  Then you do the same ration on the other side and move back into downward facing dog.  You do a clockwise rotation and then after about 5 you switch to a counter-clockwise rotation.  It was a great flow.   It is a short video definitely worth revisiting on those busy days.


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