Just can’t shake it

Something has a hold of my ankles and just won’t let go, and I’m not talking about my ferret that is lurking around the living room.  For the last few weeks my body has just been out of rhythm, I just can’t manage to get enough sleep and I think my neck is out of alignment, which means time for a new pillow!  I would love to say that I have been sick and that’s why my motivation has fallen through, but I don’t think that is the case.  I think I have just caught the old nasty laziness bug.  I just can’t seem to find the energy to keep going through the day.  I have changed from a one cup of coffee a morning to two just to try to pack in a little extra jolt.  I realize this is only making the problem worse, but I just can’t seem to get motivated to do my work out once I get home.

I was thinking the majority of my problem is I stay up way to late of an evening, most nights it is due to taking a nap after I get home from work, and then getting up by six in the morning getting on average less than six hours of sleep.  When the morning comes my alarm blares and I shut it off an reset a total of two times.  I decided not only do I need to get to bed earlier than eleven, but I need an alarm that doesn’t jolt me out of sleep so harshly.  I was reading my Yoga Journal magazine the other day and saw an ad for a progressive alarm clock (www.now-zen.com)  I loved the idea of a progressive alarm clock, though a bit expensive.  So I decided to find some new ring tones for my phone alarm since I only had the standard Samsung ringtones on my phone.  I found an android app Zen Ringtones.  The tones are much more relaxing and I woke up much more peacefully this morning.  Though I still was exhausted during the day.

Since I was still tired I decided that tonight is a ten o’clock bedtime and I took my vitamins.  I am starting my yoga routine back up tomorrow and if I don’t find some energy by the end of the week it is time to make a doctor’s appointment for both the exhaustion and the shoulder pain.


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