Lunch time Meditation

Last week I decided to do something a little different with my lunch break.  Normally I drive down to Whole Foods Market and make a salad and drive back and spend the short amount of time I have left eating or updating a blog.  Thursday I was a amped up, it could have been the pending day off or I just hadn’t done my yoga as much as I should have.  I decided I would sit down and meditate during my lunch, after all I do have a full hour of lunch that I normally waste, but talking or doing generally unproductive things.

A couple of weeks prior I had signed up to receive mediation emails.  Yoga Journal has a 28 day meditation challenge, Meditation Revolution, you will received daily emails for 28 days.  I hadn’t taken the time to start this practice, so I decided lunch was a good time to start.  I opened the first email on my phone, and it had a small yoga hip opener, which I decided since I was in public and in dress clothing I was going to pass on, and an audio file.  As many of us Android phone user have discovered our phones no longer support flash players.  So I was unable to open my audio file, unfortunately I have yet to begin this Meditation Revolution practice, since I want to be able to meditate on the go.

Since I was unable to open my email’s audio file, but could watch the video, I decided to fall back on my trusted MyYogaOnline site.  I found a short 6 minute breathing meditation, which by the way was what the Meditation Revolution daily mediation was as well.  I didn’t want to sit in lotus in the middle of the parking lot at work so I sat at the picnic bench as straight as I could engaging my core muscles.

I sat uninterrupted for the entire six minutes which surprised me, as there was a storm coming in and I heard a car come into the parking lot.  Normally when one of our police officers pulls into the parking lot and sees me at the picnic bench they will either come talk with me or hit their siren, normally making me jump half way to the moon.  But Thursday was different, I sat there enjoying my meditation with my eyes closed and listened to my breathing and felt the stress melt away as I became more aware of the present.  After my meditation was completed the officer that pulled in came over to talk to me and asked what was up as we walked into the building.  I told him I just finished my lunch mediation and he stated he saw me and was wondering what I was doing.  We had only been in the building for a few minutes when the downpour started.  Then the day proceeded as normal.
I have decided I will continue my lunch time mediation as it made the day go much better and I felt more energized for the second half of the day.  I am and have been a strong advocator of meditation, now I am happy to notice it fits into my lunch routine as well.


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  1. colgore
    Aug 21, 2012 @ 16:07:05

    Isn’t it crazy how a few minutes of meditation shifts your mood and energy for the whole day? I get lazy and then force myself to meditate and think, “Why don’t I do this every day?” I admire your lunchtime meditation practice. I think I’ll start setting aside a certain time each day. Awesome idea.


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