Korean Beef Bulgogi


As you have probably gathered I do a fair share of my grocery shopping at the local Asian Market.   We recently discovered Asian Home Gourmet marinades and other seasoning packets.  If you like Asian foods I would highly suggest trying the Asian Home Gourmet brand marinades.  I have not had one that I didn’t like.  Though some I thought should have a different spicy rating.  Thia Sweet Basil for example seemed like it should have been much hotter than a 1 pepper hot rating.

The Korean Bulgogi Marinade (Newly packaged as Marinade for Korean Barbecue Meat Bulgogi) is one of my favorites.  It tasted just like our favorite local Korean restaurant at a fraction of the cost.  So not only could you make it healthier by using chicken instead of beef you can save a bunch of money too!




On my counter (right) I have collected all of my ingredients.  I have the marinade sauce in the large mixing bowl, red pepper paste (optional), garlic, green onions, and 350g (3/4 lbs) meat (I have tip sirloin).  I sliced the green onion to about finger width in size, I added approximately a teaspoon of the red pepper paste to the marinade and sliced the meat.




I sliced the sirloin very thinly.  A tip I learned from the package is to put the meat in the freezer until semi-frozen and then slice with a sharp knife. It worked like a charm.  I mixed the meat and marinade together making sure all the slices of beef were covered.  I then covered with plastic wrap (a container with a lid would work better) and placed in the refrigerator for at least an hour.


Once the ingredients were done marinading, I heated a tablespoon of oil in my wok and stir-fried the meat for approximately 5 minutes and served with a side of rice.  It’s not very pretty to look at, but it tasted magnificent.



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