I have been here before

As I said last month I was making a doctor’s appointment for my reoccurring shoulder pain I have been dealing with for over five years.  I have in the past been treated for the same condition with physical therapy with little to no results.  It came to a point where I quit telling my doctor about it.  We were running in circles, muscle relaxers, pain medication and physical therapy rinse and repeat.

With this new doctor I was expecting different results as last year when I saw him he was very concerned with my shoulder and spoke of doing an MRI to see what the problem was.  So I went to my appointment with high hopes of finding the root cause.  Instead I got the same old let’s do an xray and physical therapy.  No prescriptions this time, but essentially the same as the last doctor.  I would love to just go to an orthopedist but my insurance requires a referral.  So if I want to go that route it is physical therapy which has Provence to be a waste of time and money.  They like to treat me like a ninety year old woman and the exercises never exert me.

So instead of the old rinse and repeat I am self diagnosing a different plan of action, after all who knows my body better than myself.  This evening I have an appointment with a neurological chiropractor.  This doctor leans heavily on the holistic approach of healing.  I have never gone to a chiropractor before and am a little nervous and excited about it.  I will let you know how my evaluation goes.


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