Some days it’s just a struggle

Friday I got my blood work back from my chiropractor.  Unfortunately they weren’t as great I as would have liked.  My old family doctor always like to tell me I was perfect when my results came back.  Well not this time!  I have very low, basically non-existent vitamin D, my iron was a little low, my protein was low, and I had inflammation and to no surprise I have reactive hypoglycemia.   So to help with all of this I have four supplements now I have to take.  One for the low iron that smells similar to a dog food, a B12 supplement that will help with the low energy cause from have inflammation for such a long period of time, a liquid fish oil and liquid vitamin D.  Along with a suggestion to each up to 5 times a day, eating protein at all meals.

Yesterday I did fine taking the supplements and keeping with my regular diet.  I noticed I had a bit more energy, but that shouldn’t surprise me as the B12 supplement was like taking a 5 hour energy without the caffeine.  Today on the other hand was a completely different story.

I got up cleaned the house a bit as the future in-laws were coming over for lunch.  I had breakfast took my supplements.  Then our company got here we had lunch and I took my second dose of the B12.  After that sometime my blood sugar decided to bottom out.  The rest of the day I felt like I channeled the Cookie Monster.  I was eating everything in sight and it seemed like it would never go back up.  I discovered that in order to take the supplements as directed I will have to have 5 plus meals a day.  Luckily I am feeling much better than earlier, though I still have the lingering headache.  On the up side I have had tons of motivation today and have accomplished a lot of housework and writing.  I am loving this new-found energy and hoping it stick around for a long time to come!


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