Grand ideas

At work today I had a grand idea and I have started putting it in motion. Approximately a year ago we had a small group of individuals that got together on Thursday evenings for a yoga class. The organizer of the group passed away earlier this year from colon cancer. Since he has been gone our little yoga groups fell apart along with our work wellness committee. Today I was thinking how it is so hard for me to stay motivated in my practice. I believe it is because I have no accountability. I am not letting anyone down but myself and as history show I am apparently okay with that. So I touched out to the six or seven individuals who were in the yoga group to see if they were interested in starting back up at no or very minimal expense. Explaining I have a membership to a yoga website and would be willing to share it a couple of days a week. So far two have mentioned interest in it. Which makes me excited.

But this also got me thinking, why don’t I get in touch with our HR representative and volunteer to do a monthly wellness newsletter. I have enough resources at my finger tips to get this done. And if any of my blog followers feel so inclined to volunteer I wouldn’t turn down the help 😉

Here’s to good luck on this new adventure!


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