The little things

It’s amazing the small things that leave such a large impact on our lives.

A couple of weeks ago I was writing letters to my friends in England and Finland.  I thought it would be nice to send a little letter to my friend I worked with when we lived in Florida.  I normally talk to her via text message.  She was one of the people who encouraged me to write my novel.  She has always been my biggest fan.  I started writing a short story, she loved the bit that I had so I expanded it into a novel.  We used to take our lunch hour and discuss plot and what I was planning and when the next installment would be done.  I moved and lost much of that motivation to write since she wasn’t there cheering me on.  Recently I started writing again and have nearly finished the novel.

I wrote her a little note letting her know how much I appreciated her friendship and support over the years.  That she holds a very special place in my heart and without her this would not be possible.

The week passed and I found it odd that she didn’t acknowledge the letter.  I just let it go thinking maybe she didn’t receive it or it wasn’t anything to her.  Two days ago I got a text message “Wellaaaa!  OMG OMG I love you!”  She had nicknamed me Wella because she claimed I was a well of knowledge, even though I insisted it was a pit not a well, since wells are useful.  My little note made her so happy and in turn made me happy too.

I was just happy that I thought of sending her a letter just to let her know I think of her and she is a special person to me.  You never know how happy it will make someone.  Never underestimate the small things in life!



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