Interest is growing

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, interest in indoor activities increase, or at least they seem to be with my little yoga group. After last weeks practice I realized we should do a short segment on proper alignment and modifications. During our practice I like to place my mat in the middle so I can watch the movements of the other two women who are practicing with me. This way I can gauge any corrections that might be addressed and skill level. If they are struggling with any particular pose or routine I can make sure not to exceed their skill level for the upcoming practices. I don’t want to see any one get injured.

After our sessions we have a short conversation about the practice while we are putting the conference room back in order. I will share any insights I have learned from my practice, such as the realization of what “relax into a pose” actually meant and how to achieve that or any posture corrections (not that my postures are perfect by any means). We also talk about what we liked or didn’t like about the session in order for me to plan the next set of videos. Last Tuesday I noticed one of the gals having to look back at the screen a lot in order to know what pose we were in along with her stance in Warrior II not being quite wide enough. That particular video was using a lot of the Sanskrit names and she hasn’t taken classes at a studio before. So I approached her on the way to her car and asked if she would find it beneficial to have a video on proper alignment and modifications of common poses. She thought it would be a great idea, so I approached the other woman on Thursday and she also thought it would be nice.

I decided this Tuesday’s practice would be a very basic class on poses and modifications. I thought it might welcome others into our group that might be a little scared of yoga due to misconceptions about what it means to practice yoga. In my best sales voice (I used to be a membership representative with Nielsen TV Ratings), I constructed an email and sent it to several individuals who had expressed interest, but had yet to make time in their schedule to join us. I let them know it was a truly beginner class and no experience was necessary. I also added a line in it attempting to convince them to take time out of their busy holiday schedule and do something for themselves and join us for 30-40 minutes on the mat. I also gave them the standing schedule and an approximate amount of time each session lasted. I am hoping to grow the group by a couple of people, but if it remains the three of us I am alright with that as well.


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