Time for back up plans

Tomorrow is yoga night!  My group of three has grown to six with the new year.  Though not all of us have made it to a session at the same time.  We have had one session of four, but four is much better than none.

Last Thursday was pretty amazing for me.  I chose a longer video that I normally had been.  It was a 60 minute video mainly focusing on the core.  I felt we had an amazing practice.  At the end of the video there was a transition into an 11 minute meditation,  but was not included on that particular segment, to my surprise both gals I was practicing with asked what happened to the mediation.  I then loaded the mediation video, which was extremely well received.  I have decided to occasionally add a mediation at the end of our normal routines.

Normally I would be spending this evening looking for a video for tomorrow , but the website is moving extremely slow.  I have a video already in my favorites that I thought we would do, but I wanted to double check it for difficulty, but it will have to wait until the site is back up.  Which got me thinking, I may want a back up plan in the event the website is not working.  I have a few DVD’s that I have decided to start keeping in my yoga bag instead of in my media cabinet at home.



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