Approaching tomorrow with apprehension

Tomorrow is yoga day.  Though since Monday was a holiday I am hoping that my cohorts will remember and show up.  I have done my pre-yoga homework and have selected a routine for class.  I think this one will be agreeable.  It’s a thirty-five minute fire flow.  It moves at a medium pace.  Last week I choose one that was too fast and the week before one that was too slow, so I think this one will be the balance between. 

I am not worried about the actual yoga routine being met with criticism, but more the guided meditation I have picked.  I have found myself wanting to add a ten to fifteen minute mediation into my yoga practice, but the other gals don’t always seem as receptive to it.  I have gotten questions like what’s the point of mediation, what am I supposed to be doing because I keep falling asleep.  I listened to the full mediation audio this evening.  It is a mediation on mindful living, it is a fantastic practice by Bernie Clark.  My apprehension lies in it ‘s deep Buddhist origins, but most of my participants are devout Christians.  I think the message is fantastic, but I don’t know if they will approach it with open arms.  Here is to broadening horizons and hoping for the best.  I hope my apprehensions are misplaced!


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  1. Jennifer Elise
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 23:10:09

    Good for you, expanding everyone’s horizons! I hope it goes well. Buddhism as it was written is not a religion. I know it is often misperceived as one. However, it does not offer a god to worship and there is no worship of the Buddha, only learning. Perhaps, this might put them at ease, as meditation does not have a religion either. Meditation is meant to draw us closer to the divine. As a Christian, this would mean drawing you closer to God, as you are able to see more clearly how to follow the teachings when you have cleared the mind of the worlds clutter. Many of us have heard the Christian teachings so many times they become meaningless. If they would like, they could bring to mind a passage before meditation. It might ease them into it, and bring about some amazing revelations. Just some thoughts.
    I hope that helps. I really believe in meditation as a wonderful tool for all human beings to become more mindful of what they are doing.


    • flowersofwhite
      Feb 18, 2013 @ 23:19:10

      I could not agree with you more!

      I have always thought mediation is a great tool for everyone to have, but so many people come to it with a closed mind. I have found from dealing with family that Buddhism is greatly misunderstood and my response has always been how can it be “bad” if it teaches you to be a better you. So that’s how I will approach tomorrow. I was also be sending the gals the customary email with what the classes agenda is and this time it will also include a short article on the benefits of mediation. I’ll be sure to keep you updated with the response.


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