Supporting Autism

In two weeks I will be walking my first ever 5K.  I hope this will be the first of many charitable events I will be able to take part in.  This 5K speaks to me on a person level.  I am walking in the  Walk Now For Autism Speaks.  The donations go to researching the cause of autism, spreading awareness and teaching compassion.  My life was touched by autism 19 years ago when my little brother came into our lives.  He was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was 6 years old.   DSC03109He has changed my view-point on so many things.  He also manages to make me insanely jealous with his uncanny ability to mimic music.  That boy can hear a piece of music a few times and repeat it almost identically.  He learned how to play the piano in a few short weeks better than I had in practicing several months.

In two weeks I will be walking in hopes to raise awareness of how this disorder affects people like my brother and like the three and a half-year old son of our good friends.  I agreed to participate in this walk when our friends came to us about the walk.  Their son C.J. was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.  He is has been doing very well and is starting to socialize.  I want to be able to support our friends and help them in any way possible since I have helped raise my younger brother, who manages to make me smile every time I see him.


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