Plans… when they fail

It has been a while, but I hope everyone had a happy fourth of July!  My day though started out rough was wonderful. 

I had this amazing plan that I would get up and do my yoga in the morning instead of trying to squeeze it in later in the day, inevitably I never get around to it if I put it off.  I get up go out to the car to get my mat, set up the computer and attempt to go to the website I love and my internet connection was down.  Which frustrated me.  I felt like I wasted those twenty minutes messing around with the connection for it to come back up a half hour later.  I decided once the internet was up I was too frustrated to even think about calming down and doing yoga.  I knew I would be too judgmental and frustrated when I approached the mat.

Instead I went to back up plan.  I started cleaning.  I managed to take down the desk, mop and rearrange the book room.  Then I went to the laundry room / entry way and organized it.  Now when I walk into my home I no longer see clutter instead I see clean pristine surfaces.  Overall I think my back up plan was more therapeutic for me than doing the yoga yesterday morning.  Now I have made an inviting atmosphere at home instead of a dreadful one.

Some days I’m happy with plans fall through and the back up plans work better.


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