Yoga and Patience

If yoga has taught me anything it has taught me patience.  Patience with myself, patience moving into and out of a pose, patience with my flexibility, patience with breath.  Just patience.

This week I have learned I need to have more patience with my group.  The group has grown from three to seven.  I am impressed with their motivation and determination.  I need to have patience with them to learn what to expect and what not to expect from Yoga.  Lately I have been getting complaints the video is too slow, then when I attempt to pick it up a bit they quit early and sit and watch or complain.  I just have to have patience.

I have to learn to teach them the benefits of slower more restorative yoga a long with the fast pace flow or kundalini yoga.  And that yoga isn’t always and aerobic exercise, but sometimes it’s good to reset your batteries.

My lesson for this week will be patience.


Where does the time go?

It seems like just yesterday I sitting outside enjoying the sunshine eating my lunches.  Today I wake up to a dusting of snow and frost on my windshield.  Perhaps its just me, but the days have been flying by.  This year is coming to an end and a new beginning is just around the corner.  Hopefully all of you have accomplished some goals this year or at least started the ball rolling.

Normally I would reserve this sort of post for after Christmas in preparation for the new year, but recently I have been in a reflective mood.  I have not been dwelling on the past nor the future, but merely observing the paths I am on and where they will lead.  I am attempting to just observe and not cast any judgment.  This is actually more difficult than it seems.  I can see a course I have unintentionally set out upon and am glad I started that small journey.   I have been attempting to be more aware or mindful of the present.

I hesitate in using the term Mindfulness as it seems to be the ‘hottest’ new catch phrase.  mindfulness is defined as being completely in touch with and aware of the present moment, as well as taking a non-evaluative and non-judgmental approach to your inner experience.  It seems everything is tagged with being mindful these days.  What I considering being mindful is when I am in tune with my surroundings.  I have a sense of what is going on around me.  I am aware of what I am currently doing and how my actions affect things around me.  I have also been on a mission of sorts to be aware of my emotions and the causes behind them to attempt to correct any misconceptions I may have.

Probably one of my favorite things to do in the morning is to watch the sunrise while driving to work.  The hues are the most beautiful and it seems to start the day off right.  I have found solace in the small things in life.  It seems looking back on the things that make me the happiest are often the simplest things in life.

I have been noticing a more dramatic shift in this direction in the past several months.  During those months I have started a meditating more often and committed to a more regular yoga practice.

What I invite you to do is think about the times you are the happiest, what are you doing?  And how can you replicate that effect into everything you do?  Start thinking of some goals to make for the coming year, the new beginning is just around the corner!

Yoga Update

Week three on my little yoga group experiment….  I am amazed at how little motivation people have.  I am hoping that it is because of the holidays.  This week being a short work week and everyone is so stressed for Thanksgiving preparations and don’t feel they have the time to commit to 20 – 40 minutes on the mat.

The first week there were two of us, we enjoyed it and decided it didn’t matter if anyone else joined us that we were going to continue.  Last week we got another participant who has committed to joining us.  This week it is back to two of us, but only because one is on vacation.

I have had many people say they were interested, but to get them to stay after work is like pulling teeth.  But I am hoping the first of the year there will be a real drive for people to stay later.  There isn’t much more that I can do.  I have already shouldered the cost of the website membership, arranged the time a little later than I would prefer (a half hour after I get off work), so the majority of the “interested” people would be off work, and I have scheduled on days that are convenient to them, and using all level or beginner level videos instead of the intermediate I would do at home.  So now I get to play the wait game.

Even though there are only a few of us taking advantage of this opportunity, I still look forward to “leading” the group every week and consider it a success.  I think sometime in the future I might actually want to take yoga instruction courses.

Some days it’s just a struggle

Friday I got my blood work back from my chiropractor.  Unfortunately they weren’t as great I as would have liked.  My old family doctor always like to tell me I was perfect when my results came back.  Well not this time!  I have very low, basically non-existent vitamin D, my iron was a little low, my protein was low, and I had inflammation and to no surprise I have reactive hypoglycemia.   So to help with all of this I have four supplements now I have to take.  One for the low iron that smells similar to a dog food, a B12 supplement that will help with the low energy cause from have inflammation for such a long period of time, a liquid fish oil and liquid vitamin D.  Along with a suggestion to each up to 5 times a day, eating protein at all meals.

Yesterday I did fine taking the supplements and keeping with my regular diet.  I noticed I had a bit more energy, but that shouldn’t surprise me as the B12 supplement was like taking a 5 hour energy without the caffeine.  Today on the other hand was a completely different story.

I got up cleaned the house a bit as the future in-laws were coming over for lunch.  I had breakfast took my supplements.  Then our company got here we had lunch and I took my second dose of the B12.  After that sometime my blood sugar decided to bottom out.  The rest of the day I felt like I channeled the Cookie Monster.  I was eating everything in sight and it seemed like it would never go back up.  I discovered that in order to take the supplements as directed I will have to have 5 plus meals a day.  Luckily I am feeling much better than earlier, though I still have the lingering headache.  On the up side I have had tons of motivation today and have accomplished a lot of housework and writing.  I am loving this new-found energy and hoping it stick around for a long time to come!

The Habit of Starting

First I would like to apologize for the lull in my posting.  With the onset of my shoulder pain, I used it as an excuse to quit doing yoga and my lunch meditation.  I am not proud of either, but it goes to prove I have a lot of work to do to get where I want to be.  So if you can handle my giving up and starting over multiple times I deeply appreciate it.

A few weeks ago I acquired a Kindle fire.  I love it.  It has helped with my writing, blogging, lunch time mediations and numerous other things.  When I received it came preloaded with the Pulse application.  I had never even heard of Pulse before.  I subscribed to many different websites and threads.  I tailored it to things I wanted to read and I have put yoga and mediation articles on the feed.  I came across ZenHabits.  I am not a follower of Zen ideation, but I do believe there are good ideas.  I like the idea of simplifying life.  Everything is much easier when it’s simple.

I read an article title The Habit of Starting and it had a good point.  If you want to start a new habit make it a point to do it everyday; even if you don’t have a lot of time commit a few minutes to what ever it is you are trying to do.  If it’s working out, running, meditation or even writing set aside a couple of minutes and just do it.

I am going to start starting habits instead of drifting through life.  🙂

Back at it

Sunday I attempted to get back to my yoga fitness challenge.  I had been too hard on myself missing daily practices, which I realize misses the point of suspending judgement on the mat.  Sometimes I have been known to bite off more than I can chew.  I realize that attempting a daily practice might have been too much with other events and activities going on in my life right now.  I recently brought two baby ferrets into my home, which  take a lot of time to care for as they need a lot of interaction to get them used to people and we are preparing to move.  While the yoga practice is wonderful for the stress relief, I was putting to much pressure on myself to make sure to get to it. 

Now since my shoulder has not been bothering me as much after the new pillow purchase, I have slowly started a new practice plan, coming in with a new attitude.  I have come to realize that I might not get to everything I want to in a day, after all I am only one person.  I am hoping to get to a practice at least every other day and if I happened to get one in daily that will be wonderful.

Sunday my practice included a video from Sura (  it was a seated flow exercise.  I was mildly disappointed with it as I didn’t feel it stretched as well as I would have liked, so at the completion of her routine I added what I thought I needed along with a longer meditation at the end.  Surprisingly yesterday at work I noticed my lower back was a little sore.  Not in a painful manner, but in the manner of muscles being worked that normally get ignored. At first I wasn’t sure what had caused it then I realized one of the movements I had done the day before would have worked the lower back.  So I took back my prior criticism of it being a so so workout to it was a great lower back workout.

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