Plans… when they fail

It has been a while, but I hope everyone had a happy fourth of July!  My day though started out rough was wonderful. 

I had this amazing plan that I would get up and do my yoga in the morning instead of trying to squeeze it in later in the day, inevitably I never get around to it if I put it off.  I get up go out to the car to get my mat, set up the computer and attempt to go to the website I love and my internet connection was down.  Which frustrated me.  I felt like I wasted those twenty minutes messing around with the connection for it to come back up a half hour later.  I decided once the internet was up I was too frustrated to even think about calming down and doing yoga.  I knew I would be too judgmental and frustrated when I approached the mat.

Instead I went to back up plan.  I started cleaning.  I managed to take down the desk, mop and rearrange the book room.  Then I went to the laundry room / entry way and organized it.  Now when I walk into my home I no longer see clutter instead I see clean pristine surfaces.  Overall I think my back up plan was more therapeutic for me than doing the yoga yesterday morning.  Now I have made an inviting atmosphere at home instead of a dreadful one.

Some days I’m happy with plans fall through and the back up plans work better.


Supporting Autism

In two weeks I will be walking my first ever 5K.  I hope this will be the first of many charitable events I will be able to take part in.  This 5K speaks to me on a person level.  I am walking in the  Walk Now For Autism Speaks.  The donations go to researching the cause of autism, spreading awareness and teaching compassion.  My life was touched by autism 19 years ago when my little brother came into our lives.  He was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was 6 years old.   DSC03109He has changed my view-point on so many things.  He also manages to make me insanely jealous with his uncanny ability to mimic music.  That boy can hear a piece of music a few times and repeat it almost identically.  He learned how to play the piano in a few short weeks better than I had in practicing several months.

In two weeks I will be walking in hopes to raise awareness of how this disorder affects people like my brother and like the three and a half-year old son of our good friends.  I agreed to participate in this walk when our friends came to us about the walk.  Their son C.J. was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.  He is has been doing very well and is starting to socialize.  I want to be able to support our friends and help them in any way possible since I have helped raise my younger brother, who manages to make me smile every time I see him.

Time for back up plans

Tomorrow is yoga night!  My group of three has grown to six with the new year.  Though not all of us have made it to a session at the same time.  We have had one session of four, but four is much better than none.

Last Thursday was pretty amazing for me.  I chose a longer video that I normally had been.  It was a 60 minute video mainly focusing on the core.  I felt we had an amazing practice.  At the end of the video there was a transition into an 11 minute meditation,  but was not included on that particular segment, to my surprise both gals I was practicing with asked what happened to the mediation.  I then loaded the mediation video, which was extremely well received.  I have decided to occasionally add a mediation at the end of our normal routines.

Normally I would be spending this evening looking for a video for tomorrow , but the website is moving extremely slow.  I have a video already in my favorites that I thought we would do, but I wanted to double check it for difficulty, but it will have to wait until the site is back up.  Which got me thinking, I may want a back up plan in the event the website is not working.  I have a few DVD’s that I have decided to start keeping in my yoga bag instead of in my media cabinet at home.


Boring Ol Me

I don’t remember the last time I was truly inspired. I have read inspirational quote, articles, and had things touch my soul, but to be wholly inspired, that has been a long time.

Last week I had a vacation from work for the week. We didn’t go anywhere or do anything exceedingly special. We spent time together, went to a few parks, spent time with our families and relaxed. I spent a lot of time writing. I was attempting to finish my book I got quite a bit done, but I am still working on it.

I also spent much time reading. I had started reading “A Girl from the Limberlost” by Gene Stratton-Porter. She was one of the most famous female authors from the state of Indiana. I had never read any of her books as a child, but I dearly wished I had. I was enthralled with her…

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The little things

It’s amazing the small things that leave such a large impact on our lives.

A couple of weeks ago I was writing letters to my friends in England and Finland.  I thought it would be nice to send a little letter to my friend I worked with when we lived in Florida.  I normally talk to her via text message.  She was one of the people who encouraged me to write my novel.  She has always been my biggest fan.  I started writing a short story, she loved the bit that I had so I expanded it into a novel.  We used to take our lunch hour and discuss plot and what I was planning and when the next installment would be done.  I moved and lost much of that motivation to write since she wasn’t there cheering me on.  Recently I started writing again and have nearly finished the novel.

I wrote her a little note letting her know how much I appreciated her friendship and support over the years.  That she holds a very special place in my heart and without her this would not be possible.

The week passed and I found it odd that she didn’t acknowledge the letter.  I just let it go thinking maybe she didn’t receive it or it wasn’t anything to her.  Two days ago I got a text message “Wellaaaa!  OMG OMG I love you!”  She had nicknamed me Wella because she claimed I was a well of knowledge, even though I insisted it was a pit not a well, since wells are useful.  My little note made her so happy and in turn made me happy too.

I was just happy that I thought of sending her a letter just to let her know I think of her and she is a special person to me.  You never know how happy it will make someone.  Never underestimate the small things in life!


The sweet sigh of relief

Within two visits to the chiropractor and there is an already a noticeable difference in my shoulder.  It’s still not 100%, but I am no longer popping pain medication like they were Pez.

The chiropractor believes I have an impinegment and scar tissue in my shoulder.  So my treatment plan is to massage it with a lacrosse ball, which by the way is very painful.  Gua Sha, or scraping with a plastic too, which is also very painful.  And adjustments, which is not as painful and actually feels good. I have an appointment tomorrow during lunch and I believe he will be ordering blood work during that appointment. 

I am hoping after tomorrow’s appointment to be able to resume my yoga practice!

I have been here before

As I said last month I was making a doctor’s appointment for my reoccurring shoulder pain I have been dealing with for over five years.  I have in the past been treated for the same condition with physical therapy with little to no results.  It came to a point where I quit telling my doctor about it.  We were running in circles, muscle relaxers, pain medication and physical therapy rinse and repeat.

With this new doctor I was expecting different results as last year when I saw him he was very concerned with my shoulder and spoke of doing an MRI to see what the problem was.  So I went to my appointment with high hopes of finding the root cause.  Instead I got the same old let’s do an xray and physical therapy.  No prescriptions this time, but essentially the same as the last doctor.  I would love to just go to an orthopedist but my insurance requires a referral.  So if I want to go that route it is physical therapy which has Provence to be a waste of time and money.  They like to treat me like a ninety year old woman and the exercises never exert me.

So instead of the old rinse and repeat I am self diagnosing a different plan of action, after all who knows my body better than myself.  This evening I have an appointment with a neurological chiropractor.  This doctor leans heavily on the holistic approach of healing.  I have never gone to a chiropractor before and am a little nervous and excited about it.  I will let you know how my evaluation goes.

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