Time for back up plans

Tomorrow is yoga night!  My group of three has grown to six with the new year.  Though not all of us have made it to a session at the same time.  We have had one session of four, but four is much better than none.

Last Thursday was pretty amazing for me.  I chose a longer video that I normally had been.  It was a 60 minute video mainly focusing on the core.  I felt we had an amazing practice.  At the end of the video there was a transition into an 11 minute meditation,  but was not included on that particular segment, to my surprise both gals I was practicing with asked what happened to the mediation.  I then loaded the mediation video, which was extremely well received.  I have decided to occasionally add a mediation at the end of our normal routines.

Normally I would be spending this evening looking for a video for tomorrow , but the website is moving extremely slow.  I have a video already in my favorites that I thought we would do, but I wanted to double check it for difficulty, but it will have to wait until the site is back up.  Which got me thinking, I may want a back up plan in the event the website is not working.  I have a few DVD’s that I have decided to start keeping in my yoga bag instead of in my media cabinet at home.



Interest is growing

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, interest in indoor activities increase, or at least they seem to be with my little yoga group. After last weeks practice I realized we should do a short segment on proper alignment and modifications. During our practice I like to place my mat in the middle so I can watch the movements of the other two women who are practicing with me. This way I can gauge any corrections that might be addressed and skill level. If they are struggling with any particular pose or routine I can make sure not to exceed their skill level for the upcoming practices. I don’t want to see any one get injured.

After our sessions we have a short conversation about the practice while we are putting the conference room back in order. I will share any insights I have learned from my practice, such as the realization of what “relax into a pose” actually meant and how to achieve that or any posture corrections (not that my postures are perfect by any means). We also talk about what we liked or didn’t like about the session in order for me to plan the next set of videos. Last Tuesday I noticed one of the gals having to look back at the screen a lot in order to know what pose we were in along with her stance in Warrior II not being quite wide enough. That particular video was using a lot of the Sanskrit names and she hasn’t taken classes at a studio before. So I approached her on the way to her car and asked if she would find it beneficial to have a video on proper alignment and modifications of common poses. She thought it would be a great idea, so I approached the other woman on Thursday and she also thought it would be nice.

I decided this Tuesday’s practice would be a very basic class on poses and modifications. I thought it might welcome others into our group that might be a little scared of yoga due to misconceptions about what it means to practice yoga. In my best sales voice (I used to be a membership representative with Nielsen TV Ratings), I constructed an email and sent it to several individuals who had expressed interest, but had yet to make time in their schedule to join us. I let them know it was a truly beginner class and no experience was necessary. I also added a line in it attempting to convince them to take time out of their busy holiday schedule and do something for themselves and join us for 30-40 minutes on the mat. I also gave them the standing schedule and an approximate amount of time each session lasted. I am hoping to grow the group by a couple of people, but if it remains the three of us I am alright with that as well.

Where does the time go?

It seems like just yesterday I sitting outside enjoying the sunshine eating my lunches.  Today I wake up to a dusting of snow and frost on my windshield.  Perhaps its just me, but the days have been flying by.  This year is coming to an end and a new beginning is just around the corner.  Hopefully all of you have accomplished some goals this year or at least started the ball rolling.

Normally I would reserve this sort of post for after Christmas in preparation for the new year, but recently I have been in a reflective mood.  I have not been dwelling on the past nor the future, but merely observing the paths I am on and where they will lead.  I am attempting to just observe and not cast any judgment.  This is actually more difficult than it seems.  I can see a course I have unintentionally set out upon and am glad I started that small journey.   I have been attempting to be more aware or mindful of the present.

I hesitate in using the term Mindfulness as it seems to be the ‘hottest’ new catch phrase.  mindfulness is defined as being completely in touch with and aware of the present moment, as well as taking a non-evaluative and non-judgmental approach to your inner experience.  It seems everything is tagged with being mindful these days.  What I considering being mindful is when I am in tune with my surroundings.  I have a sense of what is going on around me.  I am aware of what I am currently doing and how my actions affect things around me.  I have also been on a mission of sorts to be aware of my emotions and the causes behind them to attempt to correct any misconceptions I may have.

Probably one of my favorite things to do in the morning is to watch the sunrise while driving to work.  The hues are the most beautiful and it seems to start the day off right.  I have found solace in the small things in life.  It seems looking back on the things that make me the happiest are often the simplest things in life.

I have been noticing a more dramatic shift in this direction in the past several months.  During those months I have started a meditating more often and committed to a more regular yoga practice.

What I invite you to do is think about the times you are the happiest, what are you doing?  And how can you replicate that effect into everything you do?  Start thinking of some goals to make for the coming year, the new beginning is just around the corner!

Yoga Update

Week three on my little yoga group experiment….  I am amazed at how little motivation people have.  I am hoping that it is because of the holidays.  This week being a short work week and everyone is so stressed for Thanksgiving preparations and don’t feel they have the time to commit to 20 – 40 minutes on the mat.

The first week there were two of us, we enjoyed it and decided it didn’t matter if anyone else joined us that we were going to continue.  Last week we got another participant who has committed to joining us.  This week it is back to two of us, but only because one is on vacation.

I have had many people say they were interested, but to get them to stay after work is like pulling teeth.  But I am hoping the first of the year there will be a real drive for people to stay later.  There isn’t much more that I can do.  I have already shouldered the cost of the website membership, arranged the time a little later than I would prefer (a half hour after I get off work), so the majority of the “interested” people would be off work, and I have scheduled on days that are convenient to them, and using all level or beginner level videos instead of the intermediate I would do at home.  So now I get to play the wait game.

Even though there are only a few of us taking advantage of this opportunity, I still look forward to “leading” the group every week and consider it a success.  I think sometime in the future I might actually want to take yoga instruction courses.

The beginning of a new journey

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new journey that I have set out for myself.  Three weeks ago I successfully reached out to a group of co-workers about reorganizing our yoga group we had last year.  Tomorrow will be our first “class”.  I volunteered to organize and lead the class.  As far as I know tomorrow’s class will be myself and one other lady.

I was nervous about being in charge of this group, but I figure with a little bit of help from MyYogaOnline  we can’t go wrong.  I came home this evening and thought about what type of video to play.  I went through the library and settled on three different videos of varying lengths.  I am hoping tomorrow’s class will be a success and we can grow our little group to a larger number.  I want to share my passion with others.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Boring Ol Me

I don’t remember the last time I was truly inspired. I have read inspirational quote, articles, and had things touch my soul, but to be wholly inspired, that has been a long time.

Last week I had a vacation from work for the week. We didn’t go anywhere or do anything exceedingly special. We spent time together, went to a few parks, spent time with our families and relaxed. I spent a lot of time writing. I was attempting to finish my book I got quite a bit done, but I am still working on it.

I also spent much time reading. I had started reading “A Girl from the Limberlost” by Gene Stratton-Porter. She was one of the most famous female authors from the state of Indiana. I had never read any of her books as a child, but I dearly wished I had. I was enthralled with her…

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The little things

It’s amazing the small things that leave such a large impact on our lives.

A couple of weeks ago I was writing letters to my friends in England and Finland.  I thought it would be nice to send a little letter to my friend I worked with when we lived in Florida.  I normally talk to her via text message.  She was one of the people who encouraged me to write my novel.  She has always been my biggest fan.  I started writing a short story, she loved the bit that I had so I expanded it into a novel.  We used to take our lunch hour and discuss plot and what I was planning and when the next installment would be done.  I moved and lost much of that motivation to write since she wasn’t there cheering me on.  Recently I started writing again and have nearly finished the novel.

I wrote her a little note letting her know how much I appreciated her friendship and support over the years.  That she holds a very special place in my heart and without her this would not be possible.

The week passed and I found it odd that she didn’t acknowledge the letter.  I just let it go thinking maybe she didn’t receive it or it wasn’t anything to her.  Two days ago I got a text message “Wellaaaa!  OMG OMG I love you!”  She had nicknamed me Wella because she claimed I was a well of knowledge, even though I insisted it was a pit not a well, since wells are useful.  My little note made her so happy and in turn made me happy too.

I was just happy that I thought of sending her a letter just to let her know I think of her and she is a special person to me.  You never know how happy it will make someone.  Never underestimate the small things in life!


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