Approaching tomorrow with apprehension

Tomorrow is yoga day.  Though since Monday was a holiday I am hoping that my cohorts will remember and show up.  I have done my pre-yoga homework and have selected a routine for class.  I think this one will be agreeable.  It’s a thirty-five minute fire flow.  It moves at a medium pace.  Last week I choose one that was too fast and the week before one that was too slow, so I think this one will be the balance between. 

I am not worried about the actual yoga routine being met with criticism, but more the guided meditation I have picked.  I have found myself wanting to add a ten to fifteen minute mediation into my yoga practice, but the other gals don’t always seem as receptive to it.  I have gotten questions like what’s the point of mediation, what am I supposed to be doing because I keep falling asleep.  I listened to the full mediation audio this evening.  It is a mediation on mindful living, it is a fantastic practice by Bernie Clark.  My apprehension lies in it ‘s deep Buddhist origins, but most of my participants are devout Christians.  I think the message is fantastic, but I don’t know if they will approach it with open arms.  Here is to broadening horizons and hoping for the best.  I hope my apprehensions are misplaced!


Day 5, 6, and 7 update

My daily update is long over due.

Day 5 – I completed an all levels slow flow meditation exercise.  It was very relaxing to slowly move into each position and take a few breaths.  Ending the practice with a long mantra meditation.  When I was finished I truly felt centered and relaxed.  Which is saying a little because I am somewhat high-strung.

Day 6 – I did not manage to get a practice in.  I had an appointment early in the day and the rest of the day was spent visiting with my parents.

Day 7 – I guess I was feeling a little guilty for not practicing on day 6 so I decided to up my practice and get a bit more serious.  So I decided instead of doing a beginner or all levels practice I decided to do a half hour moderate level.  When I had completed this fast fire flow I was a sweaty mess.  It was a rejuvenating practice, I only wished I would have done it earlier in the day instead of at night.  I was so energized that I had problems falling asleep that evening.

Day 3 update

Still going strong on day three.  Yesterday was the summer solstice, so I of course lost track to time.  Something about the sun still being up at nearly 10 pm makes it hard to get into an evening routine.  Last night around a quarter til 10 I decided I probably ought to do my workout.  I searched and searched for a video I wanted to do.  I guess I was just in one of those moods.

So instead of doing my typical trick of putting if off for the evening claiming that I will do twice as much the next day (which we all know is a lie) I made up my own routine.  I mixed sun salutations with spinal twists and hip openers.  It was a nice relaxing routine.  I was rather proud of myself for sticking with it!

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