Approaching tomorrow with apprehension

Tomorrow is yoga day.  Though since Monday was a holiday I am hoping that my cohorts will remember and show up.  I have done my pre-yoga homework and have selected a routine for class.  I think this one will be agreeable.  It’s a thirty-five minute fire flow.  It moves at a medium pace.  Last week I choose one that was too fast and the week before one that was too slow, so I think this one will be the balance between. 

I am not worried about the actual yoga routine being met with criticism, but more the guided meditation I have picked.  I have found myself wanting to add a ten to fifteen minute mediation into my yoga practice, but the other gals don’t always seem as receptive to it.  I have gotten questions like what’s the point of mediation, what am I supposed to be doing because I keep falling asleep.  I listened to the full mediation audio this evening.  It is a mediation on mindful living, it is a fantastic practice by Bernie Clark.  My apprehension lies in it ‘s deep Buddhist origins, but most of my participants are devout Christians.  I think the message is fantastic, but I don’t know if they will approach it with open arms.  Here is to broadening horizons and hoping for the best.  I hope my apprehensions are misplaced!


Time for back up plans

Tomorrow is yoga night!  My group of three has grown to six with the new year.  Though not all of us have made it to a session at the same time.  We have had one session of four, but four is much better than none.

Last Thursday was pretty amazing for me.  I chose a longer video that I normally had been.  It was a 60 minute video mainly focusing on the core.  I felt we had an amazing practice.  At the end of the video there was a transition into an 11 minute meditation,  but was not included on that particular segment, to my surprise both gals I was practicing with asked what happened to the mediation.  I then loaded the mediation video, which was extremely well received.  I have decided to occasionally add a mediation at the end of our normal routines.

Normally I would be spending this evening looking for a video for tomorrow , but the website is moving extremely slow.  I have a video already in my favorites that I thought we would do, but I wanted to double check it for difficulty, but it will have to wait until the site is back up.  Which got me thinking, I may want a back up plan in the event the website is not working.  I have a few DVD’s that I have decided to start keeping in my yoga bag instead of in my media cabinet at home.


Back at it

Sunday I attempted to get back to my yoga fitness challenge.  I had been too hard on myself missing daily practices, which I realize misses the point of suspending judgement on the mat.  Sometimes I have been known to bite off more than I can chew.  I realize that attempting a daily practice might have been too much with other events and activities going on in my life right now.  I recently brought two baby ferrets into my home, which  take a lot of time to care for as they need a lot of interaction to get them used to people and we are preparing to move.  While the yoga practice is wonderful for the stress relief, I was putting to much pressure on myself to make sure to get to it. 

Now since my shoulder has not been bothering me as much after the new pillow purchase, I have slowly started a new practice plan, coming in with a new attitude.  I have come to realize that I might not get to everything I want to in a day, after all I am only one person.  I am hoping to get to a practice at least every other day and if I happened to get one in daily that will be wonderful.

Sunday my practice included a video from Sura (  it was a seated flow exercise.  I was mildly disappointed with it as I didn’t feel it stretched as well as I would have liked, so at the completion of her routine I added what I thought I needed along with a longer meditation at the end.  Surprisingly yesterday at work I noticed my lower back was a little sore.  Not in a painful manner, but in the manner of muscles being worked that normally get ignored. At first I wasn’t sure what had caused it then I realized one of the movements I had done the day before would have worked the lower back.  So I took back my prior criticism of it being a so so workout to it was a great lower back workout.

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